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I am still confused by the Program and confused by the constant downloads. Does  Walden have "downloads" every time you turn it on? I must say that I haven't had the patience to get into playing the game.  The idea seems good. It just takes alot of time to get into it.  I'm frustrated.  Jean Mayo

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I managed to get over 7000 on a few tries. That's my highest score.

I'm a fan of anything that mocks an office environment, so I instantly like this game. It's very simple to play, although for some reason I thought clicking the coffee would lower my stress. At times it felt a bit random as to how many clicks on the computer it took to fix the blue screen, and too many all in a row would end any game, but good overall.

I did a video, if anyone wants to watch:

Hey thanks for playing. It is true that the number of clicks to fix the computer is random. I designed it that way to add some difference to the game. Also I do think that adding the "reduce stress" with the coffee is a good idea. I'll play with that when I can.

Ah cool - knowing that it's random by design helps.

Having worked in a tech company, the tech staff do tend to run on coffee alone.